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- When riding on a Strider, potion and scroll effect buffs will no longer disappear;
- After the count for the Olympiad games begins, CP, HP, and MP are restored once more (for summons as well);
- Courage Charms, items that can prevent the reduction of experience points upon death in a siege (Castle or Clan Hall siege), have been added. When a player dies in a siege and the Charm is in effect, experience points are not lost. This is only applicable when a death occurs on the battlefield. The effect of the Courage Charm does not overlap with other buffs and is applied separately;
- All the characters under level 25, regardless of whether they are new or not, are eligible for newbie benefits:
Weapons and armor exchange
Newbie buffs
Soulshots/Spiritshots for Novice
- Rare bug, when Clan Shields missed Clan Insignia after server restarts is fixed;

- From now on, notifications about Clan Reputation Points will be sent to clan members (exception - points, gathered/lost in pvp won't be published to avoid message spam);
- New quest "To Lead and Be Led" is added;
- New quest "The Leader and the Follower" is added;
- Clan Academy has been added;
- Clans level 5 and above may create an Academy;
- Any character, level 39 or below, who has not yet joined a clan and has not yet completed the second class transfer may join an Academy;-
- The maximum number of members in an Academy is 20;
- When an Academy member completes his/her second class transfer, the member will receive a commemorative item. The Grand Master NPC of the member’s own class will award the commemorative item automatically upon the completion of the second class transfer;
- The member is then automatically withdrawn from the Academy, and will not receive a penalty for re-joining a clan;
- The member is dismissed or ousted Academy, nor he neither clan will receive any penalty for re-joining;
- An Academy member’s clan name is the same as the main clan name, but is displayed in yellow;
- Academy members may use clan chat and alliance chat;
- By default, Academy members may use the clan hall and castle owned by the clan just like any other clan member. However, the clan leader does have the option to set it up so that Academy members may not use them;
- Academy members may use the clan warehouse and clan bulletin board just like any other clan member. However, the clan leader does have the option to set it up so that Academy members may not use them;
- The rights below cannot be bestowed upon Academy members:
Join a clan or be dismissed
Title management, crest management, master management, level management, bulletin board administration
Clan war, right to dismiss, set functions
Auction, manage taxes, attack/defend registration, mercenary management
- When in a clan war or a siege with Academy members:
Experience penalties apply even when killed by opposing members of a clan in a mutual war.
Academy members cannot see an enemy mark displayed on the enemy clan members’ character name.
Academy members have no relationship during a clan war or siege war.
- Academy members who have a sponsor have their names displayed in yellow, but the names of those without sponsors are displayed in white;
- Clan members who have master management rights may appoint other clan members as sponsors for Academy members;
- Alert messages indicating their logged in status will be displayed for Academy members and their sponsors;
- The relationship between Academy members and their sponsors may only be one-on-one;
- Clan members who have master management rights may dissolve the relationship between an Academy member and their sponsor;
- Academy members can acquire a D-grade armor set through a quest that may be conducted with ordinary clan members;
- Only Academy members and graduates of an Academy may wear the armor set acquired through this quest;
- When withdrawing from an Academy, after acquiring the armor set, the armor will not be unequipped automatically. However, once you unequip the armor it cannot be worn again;
- /graduatelist command shows list of clan academy graduates during the past week;
New Clan Organization:
- The maximum number of clans in an alliance is three;
- When a clan leader upgrades the clan’s level by consuming the clan’s reputation score, the leader may create sub-units called Royal Guards and Orders of Knights;
- When a clan reaches level 6, a Royal Guard may be created.
- Upon creation of a Royal Guard, one of the clan members must be appointed an administrator. Up to 2 Royal Guards may be created. The maximum number of members in a Royal Guard is 20;
- When a clan reaches level 7, an Order of Knights may be created;
- Upon creation of an Order of Knights, one of the clan members must be appointed as an administrator. Up to 2 Orders of Knights may be created under one Royal Guard. The maximum number of members in an Order of Knights is 10.
- Once created, Royal Guards and Orders of Knights cannot be dissolved unless the clan is dissolved.
- When the administrator of each unit withdraws from their clan, the unit remains, and the administrator position becomes vacant. In this case, the clan leader must appoint a new administrator.
- The reappointment of the unit administrator can be done through an NPC that is in charge of clan-related activities.
- Rights Within the Clan
The clan name of the sub-unit should be the same as the clan.
The clan crest and insignia should be also the same as the clan.
Sub-units can use the same channel as the clan for clan chat and alliance chat.
Sub-units can use the same clan hall, castle, and bulletin board as the clan. (However, if the clan leader changes the rights settings, this right may no longer apply.)
- Sub-units can participate in a clan war and siege war under the same conditions as the clan.
- Which organizations you can invite a new clan member to join is determined by what organization you belong to yourself. When inviting someone, you can now see only those organizations to which you can invite someone. For example, Royal Guard members cannot invite a new clan member as a direct clan member but can invite a new clan member only to Royal Guard/Order of Knights/Academy.
- New clan skills that can be applied to all clan members have been added;
- Once a clan skill is mastered, it can be permanently used until the clan is dissolved;
- However, if the clan’s reputation score becomes 0 or below, the skill will no longer work until the reputation score returns to a positive number;
- When a clan member reaches a status whereas the clan skill can be applied, that clan skill is displayed in the player’s skill window and the skill’s effects are then usable;
- As the clan’s level increases, additional skills become available;
- In order to master a clan skill, a clan needs to accumulate special items related to raid bosses and have a sufficient reputation score;
- If a clan’s reputation score reaches -1 or below, it will be unable to learn clan skills, even ones that do not require a reputation score;
- Clan Skills are disabled during Olympiad Game;

- In the quest An Arrogant Search, characters are no longer able to advance to the next step by just delivering 10 Blooded Fabrics to Sir Gustav Athebaldt, Hardin, or Iason Heine. The White Fabric must be deleted, or made into Blooded Fabric in order to advance;
- Reward-giving NPC for "Egg Delivery" quest has been changed: The Town of Goddard’s Brewer Valentine;
- Reward-giving NPC for "Specialty Liquor Delivery" quest has been changed: The Town of Goddard’s Warehouse Keeper Lietta;
- In the “Enhance Your Weapon” quest, more power has been added to the blade to eliminate the possibility that the Soul Crystal might break during the Stage 1- Stage 10 soul collection process.
- Anakazel and Ember now have 13% chance to level up Soul Crystal to each party member separately;
- "Coins of Magic" quest has been changed to a party-type; therefore all party members who are conducting the quest may gain coins;
- A list of monsters that drop coins ("Coins of Magic" quest) has been expanded. New mobs:
Aden Territory:
Goddard Territory:
Kookaburra, Kookaburra A, Kookaburra B, Antelope, Antelope A, Antelope B, Bandersnatch (also mob was changed to passive), Bandersnatch A (also mob was changed to passive), Bandersnatch B (also mob was changed to passive), Buffalo, Buffalo A, Buffalo B;
Rune Territory:
- From now on it's not possible to buy or trade items, if it lead to inventory overweight;
- Petrified characters can not reflect received damaged anymore;
- Any casters 9 levels or higher than the actual Raid Boss will be "Silenced" when are casting nearby, regardless Boss's desire queue;
- Zaken casts raid curse now, if is attacked or spelled by characters, who are 9 or more lvls higher;
- Buff Magic from Newbie Guides is casted without delays now;
- From now on, enabling/disabling of toggle skills does not interrupt current action;
- Castle Siege function administration is available only during SSQ seal validation period;
- No-relog zones (for characters with lvl 1-55) are added to the Monastery of Silence, Stakato Nest and Pagan Temple;
- Monster race is added, however ticket selling is not available yet;
- SSQ Festival score report's layout is improved;

- Now it's not possible to join Classified/Classless Olympiad Game, when it's 5/10 minutes left till the end;
- From now on, only debuff skills might be reflected. Buffs are not reflected any more;
- Also, some specific skills (e.g. SSQ Oracles Curse, RB curse, some quest skills, Hot Spring illness, so on) can not be reflected anymore;
- The four doors located near the top bridge in Aden Castle are now closed. Players can no longer enter the inner castle through these doors during siege (patch notes from December 5, 2006);
- From now on, character's weight is not reduced, when items are placed to the trade window;
- No-relog zone in Hall of Flame is fixed;
- Certain items (e.g. Hero/Coupon Weapons, Divine Inspiration Manuscript or Hair Accessories) that cannot be traded or dropped can now be stored in a private warehouse. Clan WH/Freight is not possible however;
- Issue, when Raid/Epic Bosses could by pass through a closed door, is fixed now;
- From now on, party leader can not dismiss himself from the party;
- Original PTS bug is fixed now according to the patch notes: If the party leader leaves the party, now one of the remaining party members will become the leader;
- Manufacturing dual swords, giving special abilities to a weapon, high-end stores (SSQ Priests), and manufacturing through the village Blacksmith are now subject to the castle tax rate;
- S-grade enchant scroll drop for Messenger Invader Elite Soldier, Messenger Invader Magus and Messenger Invader Elite Soldier is decreased a bit, to be aligned with x1 rate for S grade;
- Original bug with small respawn time for High Priestess van Halter's guards is fixed: now Andreas' Acolyte respawn time is 6 minutes, as it should be;
- When attempting to join a group through a priest during a competition period and if the player’s inventory weight/quantity is at 80% and above, he/she cannot join;
- Effects, which canceled current target, now have chance to fail and can be resisted with appropriate buffs (Mental, Resist Shock, etc);

- Work for the Demonic Sword Zariche is in progress;
- Single target elemental surrenders now give small resistance to elemental attacks that are opposite in nature (i.e., Fire <-> Water, Earth<-> Wind). Also, when leveled up, they can't be overriden by similar resistance buffs any more. Mass surrenders are not changed (they had resistance already included from the beginning);
- Range, at which Raid Bosses might cast Silence Curse is doubled;
- Fear-like skills now can't be cancelled on pets/summons;
- The Gatekeeper’s general teleport fee is discounted at 50% from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM (midnight). Sundays and Saturdays are exceptions;
- Difference between Debuff Magic level and Target level now have proper penalty calculation in the final landing rate (e.g. low level skills like Ice Bolt and Slow will have worse landing rate for hi-level characters);
- Original PTS bug with elixirs and similar items is fixed now: item cooldown is not reseted after relog;
- Bug, when Zaken's minions didn't casts raid curse (if they are is attacked or spelled by characters, who are 9 or more lvls higher) is fixed;
- Reuse delay of Double Shot is aligned with C5 (cool down is smaller now);
- Clan Leadership Transfer is added:
- A clan leader may transfer their rights to other direct clan members;
- The Captain of the Royal Guard can't be appointed;
- The Knight Commander can't be appointed;
- Members, who belong to the Academy, Royal Guard or Order of Knights can't be appointed;
- The leader must request the clan leader transfer from an NPC who is in charge of clan activities;
- The new clan leader will assume their new role during the next regularly scheduled maintenance time (09:00 CEST on Saturdays);
- The clan leader transfer might or might not be completed when the server is down unexpectedly (depends on restart/down type);
- A clan leader transfer may be cancelled anytime prior to the regular maintenance time;
- Registrations for Team battles for Clan Halls are not possible when transfer application is active;
Patch Notes, release date: 11.09.2023

- Warehouse Freightman Romp now can give parts for new C5 weapons (like Infernal Master and so on) as well in the "Stolen Dignity" quest;
- Stolen Infernium Ore drop rate for "Stolen Dignity" quest is increased;
- "Warehouse Keeper's Pastime" quest is changed to party-type;
- Morning Star weapon is added to the shops;
- If you lost your Noblesse Tiara, you can visit Lady of the Lake again and receive a new one for free;
- Ghost of Wigoth ("Four Goblets") now has option for teleporting player to the exit;
- Rewards for "Walk of Fate" quest are increased (more adena, more exp/sp);
- Frozen Wasteland Werewolf and Snow Lynx now drop Sweet Fluids;
- Clan Apella armor sets may be purchased by using clan reputation points. An Apella set can only be worn by the Baron class and above;
- Changes were made so that the Attack/Skill command doesn’t work if the level of the pet is over 20 levels higher than the owner. However, Pickup, Move, and Unsummon commands still work.
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Patch Notes, release date: 18.09.2023

  1. Some servitors’ abilities have been changed slightly. Their fighting power remains similar to Chronicle 4;​
  2. Enchanted summons now are 1 or 2 levels bigger (e.g. previously, enchanted summon was lvl 79, now it is lvl 80);​
  3. Original PTS bug is fixed: High Priests from Rune and Goddad now teach clerics, not wizards;​
  4. Gustav now have bigger resistance to paralize;​
  5. If a Artisan, Warsmith or Maestro class tries to delete items that can be crystallized, they are crystallized automatically instead;
  6. Many buffs/debuffs and skills, which previously were not compatible during wyvern riding, can be used now on wyvern;
  7. A higher number of monsters are appearing at the Cemetery;
  8. Some of the monsters appearing around the Raid Bosses (Turek Mercenary Captain, Greyclaw Kutus, Tirak, Wizard of Storm Teruk, Red Eye Captain Trakia, Nurka's Messenger, Partisan Leader Talakin, Earth Protector Panathen, Retreat Spider Cletu and Meanas Anor) have been removed;
  9. The following effects have been added when the winning side has the Seal of Strife:
    CP Gauge Change
    • When owned by Dawn: A CP gauge of a player who belongs to the Dawn side increases by 10%, and the CP gauge of a player who belongs to the Dusk side decreases by 10%;
    • When owned by Dusk: A CP gauge of a player who belongs to the Dusk side increases by 10%, and the CP gauge of a player who belongs to the Dawn side decreases by 10%;
    • When Strife is not owned: Same as before (no changes incurred);

    Returning to Town in a Siege
    • When owned by Dawn: Same as before (no changes are incurred); player restarts in the second nearest village.
    • When owned by Dusk: A clan that has participated in a siege restarts from the first town at the time of escape and death.
    • When Strife is not owned: A clan who has participated in a siege restarts in the first town at the time of escape or death.

Patch Notes, release date: 23.09.2023

  1. Bug, when mobs 83+ lvl had white nick-names, is fixed. Now, if monster level is bigger, then player, his name color will be changed from white to red;
  2. A function that teleports all party members of a command channel at the same time when they enter into the area for a boss war has been added.
  3. When a player from the winning side of the previous period tries to join the same group through a priest, the previously-deposited Seal Stones are automatically settled as Ancient Adena. By doing this, even though the player from the winning side joins the same group in the next competition period, the previous Seal Stones score will not accumulate.
C5 progress
Patch Notes, release date: 16.10.2023
  1. All weapons with SA effects (mostly A-S grade weapons), which give +5% for phys attack and +5% for magic skills, now will give +5% for physical skills as well;
  2. Original bug, when enchanted versions of Punch of Doom skills do not stun the caster, is fixed;
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Patch Notes, release date: 26.10.2023
  1. Original C4 PTS bug, which in rare occasions calculates wrong winner, when both players kill each other in same moment during Olympiad Game, is fixed. Now winner is calculated right after the last deadly hit;
  2. Rare issue, when opponent was not visible after teleport to Olympiad Field till his first action, is fixed: from now, even if opponent doesn't do anything, he will be always visible;
  3. Added system message, which notifies players, when new Olympiad points are assigned;
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