How work “Acrobatic Move” and “Esprit” ?

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How work “Acrobatic Move” and “Esprit” ?

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Hello everyone. I'm interested in how these two passive skills work “Acrobatic Move” and “Esprit” ? There is information that they give two passive debuffs:
Acrobatic Move


These effects are activated when running mode; run;
The first adds 4 Evasion, but reduces shock protection by 11.The second increases HP regen by 2.5 points and MP regen by 1.8 points, but reduces holding protection by 11.

Whether this information is reliable for our server? If so, is it possible to roll back learning these passive skills?
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Re: How work “Acrobatic Move” and “Esprit” ?

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Those changes were added on Gracia Final only.

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