[Server] Missed Patch notes

ElmoreLab's patch notes about C2 progress
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[Server] Missed Patch notes

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Here I will post patch notes, which were applied on C3 server, but came from C2.

- Damage from Backstab is increased when cast with skills like Death Whisper, Chant Of Rage, Dance of File;
- STR bonuses were changed. From now on, penalties and bonuses are bigger. All other parameters are not changed.
_param_bonuses.png (50.6 KiB) Viewed 5322 times
- Following bows have been reduced in reuse timer: Long Bow, Strengthened Long Bow, Elemental Bow, Akat Long Bow, Dark Elven Long Bow;
- New skills: Spark Cubic (Phantom Summoner), Aqua Cubic (Elemental Summoner), Binding Cubic (Warlock);
- SA Crt. Anger now works properly, it consumes owner's HP during critical hits;
- New Skill "Benediction" (Bishop) is added;
- New Skill "Rest of Chameleon" (Plainswalker) is added;
- New Skill "Shadow Sense" (Dark Fighter) is added;
- New skill: Dance of Vampire (Bladedancer) is added;
- Vampiric skills (magic and warrior) are reworked in such a way, that they can't restore more HP then victim has;
- New symphony skills: Seed of Fire, Seed of Water, Seed of Wind, Inferno, Blizzard, Demon Wind, Aura Symphony, Elemental Assault, Elemental Storm, Elemental Symphony (Spellsinger, Spellhowler, Socerer);
- New zones: Red Rock Ridge, Windy Hill, Hatu Bee Hive, Maille Lizardman Barracks, Lang Lizardman plains;
- New quest "Haunting for Wild Beasts" is added;
- New quest "Subjugation of Lizardmen" is added;
- New quest "One Thousand Years, the End of Lamentation" is added;
- Compressed packages are added to the traders;
- Compressed packages are working now for all spirit/soul shots;
- XMass 2004 Event is added;
- Drop penalty is applied according to the player, who gives biggest damage;
- Back Blow SA effect is implemented for all weapons;
- Long awaited alliance wars are implemented. Commands to use:
/allywarstart <enemy ally name>
/allywarstop <enemy ally name>
/allywarsurrender <enemy ally name>
- Castle rights: now clan members can place mercenaries in castle, if have appropriate Authority. But still, only Lord can buy them;

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