C3 Newbie quests (ss, adena)

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C3 Newbie quests (ss, adena)

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C3 has a bit different quests with SS rewards, not like usual from C4 one.

C3 weapon quests and starting NPCs (mages get 6k sps, fighters get 13k ss):
Human Fighters: "Sword Of Solidarity" - Grand Master Roien;
Human Mages: "Spirit of Mirrors" - Grant Magister Gallint;
Evles: "Skirmish with the Orcs" - Sentinel Kendnell;
Dark Fighters: "Spirit of Craftman" - Blacksmith Karrod;
Dark Mages: "Forgotten Truth" - Tetrarch Thifiell;
Orcs: "Show no mercy" - Urutu Chief Hatos;
Dwars: "Jumble,-Tumble,-Diamon-Fuss" - Collector Grouph;

Acts of Evil - reward ~450k adena, start at Alvah, lvl 27.
Dangerous Seduction ~500k reward;
Offspring Of Nightmares ~90k reward;

You will receive NG-weapon and a lot of soulshots for those quests on C3.

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