02.2021: Medal Collecting Event

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02.2021: Medal Collecting Event

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In order to find as many medals as possible, Roy the Cat and Winnie the Cat are organizing a special event called the Medal Collecting Event. Anyone who brings them one of the rare medals they seek will receive amazing prizes!

When turning in regular Medals to Roy the Cat, you can choose from the following prizes:
  • Greater Haste Potion, Greater Swift Attack Potion, Greater Magic Haste Potion, Quick Healing Potion
  • Blessed Scroll of Escape, Blessed Scroll of Resurrection, Scroll: Enchant Armor (All Grades), Scroll: Enchant Weapon (All Grades)
  • Red Party Mask
  • Soul Crystal (All Colors) – Stage 11, Soul Crystal (All Colors) – Stage 12
  • Sealed Majestic Necklace, Sealed Majestic Earring, Sealed Majestic Ring

You will need to raise your collector level to be eligible for many of the items. If you wish to raise your level, see Winnie the Cat. By giving her Glittering Medals, you will have the opportunity to raise your collector level by playing a special game that will test your luck and skill as a collector.

You may also run into Louie the Cat, a wandering adventurer who also collects Medals and would be more than happy to trade some of his wondrous inventory...

Event Schedule

Bashtal's Labor will be active for several weekends beginning Friday, February 19th, after server restart.

The event period ends Monday, March 1st when server restarts again.

Roy the Cat and Winnie the Cat will remain in the villages until Monday, March 8th

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