09.2020: Letter Collector Event

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09.2020: Letter Collector Event

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Time to get your letter collecting groove back on! Ramp up your monster hunting and collect letters from them when they drop. Turn them in for rewards to help you along on your adventures in Aden.
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Event Details
• The Letter Collector Event is taking place on the Lineage II Elmore server.
• The event will begin after maintenance restart on Friday Morning 04.09 and ends on Monday 14.09
• Letter drop is x1, like on Retail C1

How to Participate
During the event period, hunt monsters to collect letters they might drop to spell the words: CHRONICLE, NCSOFT, and LINEAGE II. Once you’ve collected the necessary letters, just turn them in though the Letter Collector window on your screen.

LINEAGE II - l2day scrolls, top C weapon
NCSOFT - l2day scrolls, top C Armor
CHRONICLE - l2day scrolls, top C Jewelry set

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