Event: Vote for Server!

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Event: Vote for Server!

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Vote for the server on L2TopZone, L2Votes (buttons are on main site) and receive coins from game using .menu!
One player (not account, IP, PC, but real person) is allowed to get reward each 12 hours from each voting service.

Then exchange coins for buff scrolls, potions and other interesting things!

Start date: 20.03.2020
End date: to be defined
Rewards: Player can exchange coins for some interesting prizes at Event Managers, which will be added 22.03.2020.
Aside from the fashion rewards, the buff scroll rewards are meant to represent a small encouragement for those who are starting now, but not so to spread the gap between players.

Rewards for coins:
Fighter buff set (8 scrolls, buff time 60 min):

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1x scroll of guidance
1x scroll of death whisper
1x scroll of focus
1x scroll of haste
1x scroll of agility
1x scroll of might
1x scroll of wind
1x scroll of shield
Mage buff set (4 scrolls, buff time 60 min):

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1x scroll of shield
1x scroll of wind walk
1x scroll of acumen
1x scroll of empower
NOTE 1: for now you will get coins only for L2TopZone votes, but later on all vote services will be added to reward system, and prices will be risen accordingly.

If any balance problem with reward is detected the Administration will act accordingly to reestablish that balance.
An announcement will be made before the necessary changes. Keep in mind that these early stages of Lineage were meant to be hard, so do not expect handouts. At the end of the day we are here for the true C1 experience.

Any kind of vote service abusing is forbidden, and is a subject to ban.

Администрация может добавить/изменить/удалить награды/цену через какое-то время, если окажется, что это нарушает баланс. Изменения будут сделаны после предварительного анноса.