Friday News 28/03/2020

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Friday News 28/03/2020

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Hi, this is our Friday News Topic (yes yes...i know its saturday, i couldnt manage to post yesterday, sorry)

Most of the Chronicle 1 bugs are well known and have been fixed by our team. What you are playing right now is a 99% similar client that we had in retail servers prior to the release of Chronicle 2. Which means that this client is almost the finished product left by NCSoft prior to Chronicle update.

Every friday (if needed) we will update this topic with any news/fixes/changes we have done during the week.

03/20/2020: Fixed original C1 bugs

.When adena in party distributed without range check is fixed - in C1 player could be 100km away from party and would still gets adena.
.Ant Queen exploit - made the boss easier to be killed

03/28/2020: Fixes and Added Features

.Added first vote reward. Votes are making us go up very quickly, now we are on 4th place of OFF servers on L2TopZone, with less then 1000 votes.
.Shout chat delay is added - (less spam, and ppl stop complaining about flood)
.Clear server rules were added to the forums
.Unlock skill was fixed
.Cruma doors were checked => this enables Core Boss
.Ant Queen original C1 exploit was fixed (borrowed from C4)

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