Multibox and Box Limitations

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Multibox and Box Limitations

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Dear players, we are aware that most of our player base enjoys the old school Lineage 2 experience, so everything we do is guided by that philosophy.

We know people do not like to see players with a lot of boxes following 1 toon.

With that in mind, we are going to apply a multibox restriction by IP which will be applied in 2 phases.

PHASE 1 - 22/06/2020 after restart

1+3 box restriction

PHASE 2 - When we hit constant 300+ population

1+2 box restrictions


1- But ROOR, we asked and you guys promised 1+2 limitations. THAT'S NOT WHAT WE WANT!!

The server WILL have the 1+2 box limit. But now is not the time.

2- But MasterToma, a 1+3 limitation DOES NOT solve players abusing boxed characters.

It doesn't solve 100% of the problem, THAT'S why we will implement the 1+2 later. But this initial restriction works more than people think.


Because there are 3 types of multiboxers on ElmoreLab.

Group 1: The most common player. 1 DD + 1 SUPPORT, or 1 DD + 2 SUPPORTS. More than 75% of the players use a 1+2 setup. We have this data because we track this information closely.

Group 1 likes the multibox limitations. Group 1 will not be put in disadvantage because of multibox limitations. Group 1 stays happy.

Group 2: The % of people who 1+4 or 1+5 is less than 5%. These are the people who AOE and even Raid alone. And we judge that to be Not Ok for the server's health.

Group 3: The rest of the % of players (roughly 20%) are the ones playing around with DD+BD+SWS+PP+SE.
Group 3 will have time to find friends to play support with them, or group 3 will have to change their play style to comply with the new rules.

3- But ROOR, why are you doing this NOW?

Because we can see 2 things: a) we see a good number of news accounts on Elmore Lab every week. We see a lot of small clans being created and raiding together. And we see that players always ask for box limitations. b) we wanted to remember the community that we care for their play time and we dont forget our promises.

4- But MasterToma, i have 1 wife, 2 girlfriends, 1 son and 2 daughters who all live with me and play Lineage 2. How can we all play together with IP limitations? What about those players who play in a Cyber Café or Lan-house??

In those cases the administration will identify personally who those players are and concede a special permission.

5- But ROOR, what don't you idiots impose a Hardware limitation instead of an IP limitations??

Because its way easier to cheat multibox limitations by having more than 1 computer.