Friday News 03/04/2020

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Friday News 03/04/2020

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.Epic Bosses cast paralize/silence if attacker lvl is too big (Chronicle 2 feature)
.Epic Boss Orfen minions despawn if boss is dead (Chronicle 2 feature)
.Reward prices are now changed. Buff Scrolls are cheaper
.CAPTCHA anti-bot system has been added (topic: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=108 )


.SSD description is aligned with actual SSD cost
.Stat-reducing debuff landing rate depends on WIT property - some OL debuffs would never land in Chronicle 1 (Chronicle 2 feature)
.All dialogs for dwarf and orc classes were revised. NPC names and text were fixed
.Quest "Bones Tell The Future" is now repeatable
.SK cubics are now fully working. Poison cubic damage calculation now takes contribuition system into account.

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