1+1 IP Extension - Policy change

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1+1 IP Extension - Policy change

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Hello players,

We would like to remind you that the IP extension (2+2 log in) is granted for those who actually have another person in their home who plays on Elmore Lab too.

Previous requests for extensions have been evaluated by pictures and sometimes videos, and the administration has granted extra boxes based on that, and on trust. Obviously this has been exploited.

Because of that, we are changing our policy regarding the IP extension benefit. Players who want the extension will have to provide compeling evidencie that the 2nd person is a real player in Elmore Lab.

If the Photo/Video is not convincing, we will ask for more information and details. Players wil have their request denied if the proofs provided look sketchy.

The players that already have the IP extension benefit will be monitored from time to time.

Balto-Slavic/English language - requests should be made to MasterToma via Discord

Spanish/English - request to ROOR420 via Discord