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Hello there,

After long-time developing and 3 weeks of low-rate life, long-awaiting donations are now officially available. All the money collected from donations will be used to support and expand the server's infrastructure (hosting payments for server, forum, adding L2DB for this server, adding statistics, personal cabinet, and so on) so that we can support the constantly growing server population.

1. Donation rewards are purely cosmetic or utility based (nick name color (with C2 client), 2nd class transfer, change character/ clan name). No exp/sp/adena/drop boosters, advantages or tradable items. And we are not doing any exceptions on that. Please, respect our time.
2. We accept all types of payments through the PayPal platform. PayPal supports payments even if you don't own a PayPal account so you can place a direct credit card donation using PayPal, but not signing up as well.

Donation services:
2nd class transfer - 10 euro (15 for 2 chars). To avoid delays, you can donate for 3 marks when you are 38 lvl;
Char name change - 5 euro. All your friend lists and block lists stop working after changes.
Clan name change - 10 euro. Clan shouldn't be in war
Nick name color - 5 euro (255 recommendations)
Cosmetic changes of hair, face - 5 euro.

You can send all donations to [email protected] (PayPal). Write char nick name in the transfer description. Only friend transfers are allowed, all other will be rejected.
To select friend transfer, press "change"
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Then select "Sending to a friend" - this will remove transfer 10% fee
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Estimated time of service - 2-12h, so better contact with me directly on discord or here in PM to avoid long delays.