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Patch Notes, release date: 19.05.2024

- The retail bug, when AOE skills could not be used before the start of the battle in the olympiad stadium - has been fixed;
Patch Notes, release date: 24.05.2024

- When the Olympiad participant is summoned to the arena, all skill cooldowns will be reset, regardless of their reuse time, except for the following:
Common skills: Symbol Of Guardian, Symbol Of Noise, Symbol Of Resistance, Symbol Of Fist, Symbol Of Energy, Symbol Of Sniper, Symbol Of Assassin, Volcano, Cyclone, Raging Waves, Day Of Doom, Gehenna, Anti-Summoning Field, Purification Field, Miracle, Fire Of Invincibility, Mass Recharge, Soul Of Phoenix, Salvation, Gate Chant, Party Recall, Return, Unstuck, Escape, Resurrection, Mass Ressurection, Summon Friend;
Noblesse and Hero Skills: Strider Siege Assault, Build Advanced Headquarter, Wyvern Aegis, Blessing Of Noblesse, Summon CP Potion, Fortune Of Noblesse, Harmony Of Noblesse, Symphony Of Noblesse, Heroic Miracle, Heroic Berserker, Heroic Valor, Heroic Grandeur, Heroic Dread;
Clan Leader Skills: Seal Of Ruler, Build Headquarter;
Item Skills: Item: Residence Clan Gate, Event Cap: Blessed Scroll Of Escape, Event Cap: Blessed Scroll Of Resurrection, Event: Heart Shot, Event: Double Heart Shot, Display: Heart Shot;
Augmentation skills: Recall, Instant Recall, Party Recall, Resurrection, Celestial Shield;
- Mobs will no longer pass through closed doors (e.g. on Zaken ship deck);
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Patch Notes, release date: 31.05.2024

- System message about creating / dissolving a temporary alliance during a siege has been added;
- Cancel Resistance effect for Touch of Life skill has been aligned with Interlude;
- Raid boss High Priestess van Halter can no longer be attacked by polearm through the door (Retail bug)
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Patch Notes, release date: 06.06.2024

- Counterattack and Shield of Revenge will no longer counter skills that do not deal damage (e.g. bluff will not be counter-attacked any more);
- Life Stones have been added to the droplist (Augment system will be available later);
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Patch Notes, release date: 19.06.2024

- AoE skills will correctly hit moving players and mobs on slopes and ramps (fixed original PTS bug);
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Patch Notes, release date: 04.07.2024

- From now on, it is possible to add or remove special ability to augmented weapons;
Patch Notes, release date: xx.07.2024

- A bug in the number of soulshots consumed at some summons levels has been fixed;
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