[Server][Interlude] Patch Notes

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Patch Notes, release date: 26.03.2024

- The respawn of the below raid bosses was aligned with Interlude (12h + 9 random):
Malex Herald Of Dagoniel, Kaysha Herald Of Ikaros, Carnamakos, Archon Suscepter, Atraiban, Kurikups, Zakens Butcher Krantz, Magician Kenishee, Chief Mate Tilion, Niniel Spirit Eva, Papurrion Pingolpin, Guardian Of Garden, Eva Guardian Millenu, Amber, Flamestone Giant, Plague Golem, Queen Shyeed, High Priestess van Halter, Lord of Splendor Anays, Sailren
- Mounting a strider will not remove debuff effects. (Retail bug);
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Patch Notes, release date: 09.04.2024

- Strider Siege Assault now deals damage to castle walls (Retail bug);
- The original bug was fixed, when the effects Chant of Life, The Heart of Pa'agrio and Healing Potions were saved on the character upon death;
- Elixir of Life (S-Grade) and Elixir of Mental Strength (S-Grade) have been added to the droplist in Primeval Island;
- The spawn of the raid bosses "Abys Brukunt", "Archon Suscepter", "Spirit Spirit of Andras, the Betrayer", "Enchanted Forest Watcher Ruell" was aligned with Interlude;
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Patch Notes, release date: 12.04.2024

- The number of effects removed by NPC using NPC_Cancel is aligned with player Cancel skill in Interlude;
- Skills Focus Attack and Fell Swoop replace each other;
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Patch Notes, release date: 19.04.2024

- The siege zone has been aligned to the right edge of the Aden Castle;
- Client-side animations and cast bars were aligned with server: casts that are faster than 500ms will show as 500ms (fixes visual client bug);
- The Tyrannosaurus can go into a frenzy during battle. Use of the Trap skill during frenzy makes them easier for hunting;
- A trap skill that greatly decreases the attack strength of the Primeval Isle’s Tyrannosaurus has been added;
- Use of this skill requires the Elrokian Trap and Capture Stones;
- To get the Tyrannosaurus Claw for the A Clan's Reputation quest, use the traps on the Tyrannosaurus;

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Patch Notes, release date: 25.04.2024

- Symbol of Defense, Symbol of Noise, Symbol of Resistance, Symbol of Honor, Symbol of Energy, Symbol of the Sniper, Symbol of the Assassin, Volcano, Cyclone, Raging Waves, Gehenna, Day of Doom, Anti-Summoning Field, Purification Field, Miracle, Flames of Invincibility, Mass Recharge, Spell Force, Battle Force skills have been added;
- Cleanse skill does not remove heroic debuffs;
- Elven Elders and Shillien Elders, classes that possess the Recharge skill, are no longer affected by Recharge;
- Skills that burn mana cannot deal critical damage;
- An Overlord's overall clan buff has been changed to also apply to the clan members’ summoned pets/servitors;
- The fleeing effect of Fear (Shaman's skill) has been changed to now affect players;
- It has been changed so that Flames of Invincibility effect will be cancelled if one attacks or uses a skill while the Flames of Invincibility is active.

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