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Patch Notes, release date: 20.11.2023

- Now when fighting some raid bosses Frintessa and Ice Fairy Sierra, messages will appear in the middle of the screen (for example, when Frintessa changes the melody)

For the correct placement of the text, update the client by clicking "Full check" in the updater, or download the patch.


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Patch Notes, release date: 23.11.2023

- Lightning Strike now does magic damage, even when paralyze effect lands on target;
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Patch Notes, release date: 03.01.2024

- Added a isolated zone around the following bosses: Zaken, Baium.
This zone prohibits interactions between targets that are on different sides of the zone. Characters who remain outside will not be able to use their skills on targets that are inside and perform actions through textures (using any skills, trade, etc.). For example, you can't buff Zaken through textures or use Resurrection on characters that are inside the Baium instance zone.
Patch Notes, release date: 10.01.2024

- Fixed NPC locations in Mystic Guild in Rune Township;
- Mana Burn now burns the opponent's mana immediately after using the skill;
- Removed Morning star from the weapon shop of the following towns: Oren, Dion, Gludio, Gludin;
- Fixed the original PTS bug, where it was impossible to go to Fritenzza if the group died during the third form of Scarlet van Halisha;
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Patch Notes, release date: 17.01.2024

- Now the buff given at the Olympiad does not replace the existing buff if the existing buff is enchanted;
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Patch Notes, release date: 08.01.2024

- Fixed the Charm skill;
- The spawns of the raid bosses Doom Blade Tanatos and Ghost of the Well Lidia have been swapped;
- The following skills were updated to accurate C5 values: Rabbit Totem, Wolf Totem, Ogre Totem;
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Patch Notes, release date: 25.02.2024

- A message has been added when one of the effects is removed from a character: Blessing of Noblesse, Raid Blessing (effect from Lucky Charm);
- A system message has been added indicating the amount of HP/MP restored when using certain skills. For example:
Body To Mind, Battle Roar, Corpse Life Drain, etc;
- If the target dies while using a targeted skill, the cast is immediately interrupted. And also part of the mana will not be spent, in accordance with retail mechanics;
- Target skills that remove debuffs or give cancel no longer work on the character's corpse;
- Now the damage from Decay and similar skills is included in the damage statistics at the Olympiad. (Retail bug);
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Patch Notes, release date: 05.03.2024

- A retail bug has been fixed where some group mobs did not return to the spawn point after killing the player;
- A system message has been added when a character's target was canceled at the moment of casting a skill;
- Now the chest in the "Four Sepulcher" quest appears in the center of the room;

- Исправлен retail баг, когда некоторые групповые мобы не возвращались на точку спауна;
- Теперь сундуки с квеста "Four Sepulcher" появляются в центре комнаты;
- Добавлено системное сообщение, когда персонажу сбрасывают таргет в момент использования навыков;
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Patch Notes, release date: 09.03.2024
- A system message has been added when servitor tries to use skills if they are on cooldown or not enough mana;
- A system message has been added when blocking a debuff by using debuff-blocking skills (Heroic Berserker etc.);
- A bug with the p_attack_speed_by_weapon effect has been fixed, where it did not increase attack speed or did not affect the cooldown of skills. Skills with p_attack_speed_by_weapon effect: Zealot, Dead Eye, Duelist Spirit, Angelic Icon, Rapid Fire, Puma Spirit Totem, Rapid Shot;
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Patch Notes, release date: 13.03.2024

- "Devastated Castle" and "Bandit's Stronghold" now teleport closer to town's GK;
- "Fortress of the Dead" now teleports closer to Aden's GK;
- Blessing of Darkness, Dark Crystal, Blessing of Sanctity, Sanctity Crystal have been added to the droplist;
- Servitors now try to stay away from their master when appearing (after teleports, returning to village, porting to Olympiad Stadium, etc);
- Skills with the i_target_cancel effect (Stun shot, Shield Bash, etc.) was aligned with C5/IL + custom fix not to interrupt movement by mouse;
- A bug has been fixed where a dead pet would receive exp;
- It is no longer possible to skip the animation after killing epic raid bosses: Valakas, Antharas;
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Patch Notes, release date: 19.03.2024

- Fixed specific weapon type weakness being applied to offensive magic skills (original PTS bug);
- Original bug with restart points for Giran Arena are fixed: players now restart in arena instead of nearest town;
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Patch Notes, release date: 02.04.2024

- Mounting a strider will not remove debuff effects. (Retail bug);
- Strider Siege Assault now deals damage to castle walls (Retail bug);
- The effect of meele weakness in Varka Silenos Outpost / Ketra Orc Outpost was aligned with Chronicle 5;
- Devils Isle retail bug has been fixed. Now mobs can transform. With each transformation, the mobs drop/spoil changed and their HP is restored;
- Herb effects will not apply if there are no free slots and there is no buff that can be replaced with a herb;
- The effect of HP recovery per second from items and skills is no longer removed after a relog;
- Buffs replaced by herbs, will now restore after a relog when the herb expires;
- A rare bug has been fixed when mobs stopped running after the character. (For example, in the catacombs);
- Skills that restore HP per second now display the amount of HP they will restore on the HP bar (after relog, incl.);
- The respawn of the below raid bosses was aligned with Chronicle 5 (12h + 9 random):
Malex Herald Of Dagoniel, Kaysha Herald Of Ikaros, Carnamakos, Archon Suscepter, Atraiban, Kurikups, Zakens Butcher Krantz, Magician Kenishee, Chief Mate Tilion, Niniel Spirit Eva, Papurrion Pingolpin, Guardian Of Garden, Eva Guardian Millenu, Amber,Flamestone Giant,Plague Golem,ember, Queen Shyeed, Sailren
- The original bug was fixed, when the effects Chant of Life, The Heart of Pa'agrio were saved on the character upon death;
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Patch Notes, release date: 06.04.2024

- The spawn of the raid bosses "Abys Brukunt", "Archon Suscepter", "Spirit Spirit of Andras, the Betrayer", "Enchanted Forest Watcher Ruell" was aligned with Chronicle 5;
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Patch Notes, release date: 12.04.2024

- The number of effects removed by NPC using NPC_Cancel is aligned with player Cancel skill in Chronicle 5;
- Skills Focus Attack and Fell Swoop replace each other;
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Patch Notes, release date: XX.04.2024

- The siege zone has been aligned to the right edge of the Aden Castle;
- Client-side animations and cast bars were aligned with server: casts that are faster than 500ms will show as 500ms (fixes visual client bug);
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