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Patch Notes, release date: 23.02.2024

- If the target dies while using a targeted skill, the cast is immediately interrupted. And also part of the mana will not be spent, in accordance with retail mechanics;
- Target skills that remove debuffs or give cancel no longer work on the character's corpse;
- Added system messages when effects are interrupted: Sleep.
- Added system messages when a character loses the following effects: Blessing of Noblesse, Raid Blessing (effect from Lucky Charm);
- Added system messages indicating the amount of HP/MP restored when using certain skills. For example:
Body To Mind, Battle Roar, Corpse Life Drain, etc;
- Now the damage from Decay and similar skills is included in the damage statistics at the Olympiad. (Retail bug);
- Added a system message at the end of the battle at the Olympiad, which shows the amount of damage received and dealt for the entire battle;
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Patch Notes, release date: 05.02.2024

- A retail bug has been fixed where some group mobs did not return to the spawn point after killing the player;
- A system message has been added when a character's target was canceled at the moment of casting a skill;
- Now the chest in the "Four Sepulcher" quest appears in the center of the room;
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Patch Notes, release date: 13.03.2024

- "Devastated Castle" and "Bandit's Stronghold" now teleport closer to town's GK;
- A bug has been fixed where a dead pet would receive exp;
- It is no longer possible to skip the animation after killing epic raid bosses: Valakas, Antharas;
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Patch Notes, release date: 18.03.2024

- Fixed specific weapon type weakness being applied to offensive magic skills (original PTS bug);
- Original bug with restart points for Giran Arena are fixed: players now restart in arena instead of nearest town;
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Patch Notes, release date: 12.03.2024

- Mounting a strider will not remove debuff effects. (Retail bug);
- Strider Siege Assault now deals damage to castle walls (Retail bug);
- The original bug was fixed, when the effects Chant of Life, The Heart of Pa'agrio were saved on the character upon death;
- The number of effects removed by NPC using NPC_Cancel is aligned with player Cancel skill in Interlude;
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Patch Notes, release date: XX.04.2024

- The siege zone has been aligned to the right edge of the Aden Castle;
- Client-side animations and cast bars were aligned with server: casts that are faster than 500ms will show as 500ms (fixes visual client bug);
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