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After 3-4 months of playing, you will consume all content of this chronicle. Same was with C1 - a lot of ppl wanted to stay on C1, but after 3 months all were waiting for C2. Now all are waiting for C3, slowly, but still. Even those, who wrote that C2 are the best chronicles :) This is progressive server.

But for C4, if there will be enough votes (and online ofc) - maybe I will do second server, and clone database. So old fans will remain on C3 for ever, and all other will do the progress

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Re: Server Progression

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I see. Thank you. In few months ill go home and ill play probably :) Thank you.

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Re: Server Progression

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ROOR420 wrote:
Tue Apr 14, 2020 1:07 am
marlock wrote:
Mon Apr 13, 2020 9:25 pm
Dear Developer,
Why we have C2 exclusive feature - All effects from B-Grade sets are now working. Before this, you could wear a B-set but it would not give you bonuses. on C1 chronicle? acording to Friday News 11/04/2020
In my opinion it kills C1 spirit. C1 is c - grade sets chronicle.
Back in Chronicle 1 everything was very hard to get, and people took a long time to even get B grade parts.

Elmore is a slightly slow rate server, but some of players today are very experienced and know how to lvl up effectively. Some players are already lvling in end-game areas and some even got B grade.

Since the server will progress to Chronicle 2 eventually, there's no point of holding those players back and not implement sets with bonuses.
Back in times i spend like 3 month to get level 50 as mage.
Right now i got 50 in 4 days, playing melee class with box. Even with x3 rates, still much faster.
So this is totaly right.

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