No drops from "mini bosses"

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No drops from "mini bosses"

Post by Vesel »

Greetings to everyone!

I noticed, a couple of mini bosses do not drop anything. Especially mini bosses in starting location and low level areas. Even ElmoreLab database shows no drops.

A couple of examples: Vrykolakas (Talking Island), Madness Beast (Dark Forest), Soul Scavenger (Ruins of Agony), White Fang (Elven Forest), Demon Tempest (Execution Ground)..

Not sure, if this is actually a bug or intentional?


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Re: No drops from "mini bosses"

Post by MasterToma »

Minibosses concept was no completed, so most of them were transformed to normal RBs in C2-C3-C4. Yes, part of them on c2 doesn't have drop.
All minibosses which you mentioned, were transformed to RBs on C3 and C4 finally.

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