[Server] Patch notes 13.01

ElmoreLab's patch notes about C3 progress
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[Server] Patch notes 13.01

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- Traders for chaotic characters are added in the Dragon Valley;
- Player now can exchange Seal Stones for Ancient Adena in The Black Market Trader of Mammon;
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- New C3 quests are added: "Searching for Treasure", "Power of Darkness" and "Conquest of Alligator Island";
- With continuing changes of C3 quests, locations of Lizardman Of The Wasteland and Box Of Titan are changed, and now they are according to C3-IL;
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- A lot of new NPCs (not-working yet) are added: Manor managers, SSQ priests, some C3 quest NPCs, so on so on. All they will be enabled gradually, step by step;
- Santa NPCs are removed;
- You can now use Warehouse on MTD;
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- Skill "Resist Shock" (Elder) is prolonged to lvl 3 and 4 on lvls 64 and 72;

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