[Server] Patch notes 02.07

ElmoreLab's patch notes about C2 progress
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[Server] Patch notes 02.07

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- Manufacture dwarven shop is available now.
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- All shops now aligned to C2: items are sorted/organized more logically, new C2 items were added (Bless of Eva) and so on.
- Phantom summoner's new skill: Soul-less are summoned by borrowing the power of Evil, therefore it uses Summoner's MP. AoE Poison, AoE Fire spells.

- Elemental summoner's new skill: Unicorn Merrow servitor is added (AoE spell).
- Warlock's new skill: Kai the cat servitor is added (Damage Shield spell).
- Bunch of internal (GM) improvements.

New book drop is not added yet, because new C2 mobs are needed. You can exchange "death spike" book for new summon books.

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