Friday News 26/06/2020

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Friday News 26/06/2020

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Hello, these are the Friday News with the highlights of the week.

All implementations this week were related to Chronicle 2. You can see the extended patch notes here.


.Striders are fully functional

.New Chronicle 2 Quest:
Little Wings Big Adventure (Wiseman Cronos of Hunters Village)

.IP Limitation Phase 1 has been implemented.
This initial stage is 1+3 boxes and it will migrate to 1+2 at Phase 2 when server reaches higher population
If you have more than 1 person that plays Linege 2 in your home, please contact me on the Discord ROOR420#5843 for proofing.


Partisan Hideway

Fortress of Resistance - has been added. First siege for it will be on Saturday 27/06/2020 21:00 PM Server Time.
No limits for participation in siege, but only clans with lvl 4 or 5 could get it. CH provides MP/HP regen and teleport to nearby hunting zones (Cruma, Tanor) and cities (Dion, Giran)


Did you lose any recent updates? Be sure to check them here:
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