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Newbie Help

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Hello friends.

There’s a lot of requests by the community for us to start doing events to bring more people and attract more players. We understand that.

Events have to be very very carefully planned because some (most) of the time, custom events backlash and/or do not have the desired effect.

One of the undesired effects of an event that is focused on attracting more players is when the event gives more benefits to older players, and not the targeted group: the newbies.

I’m just saying this here because there were a lot of requests for events this week, but we will talk more about this in a later post where we present the first scheduled event for Elmore Lab.

In modern Lineage times, making newbies stick to a retail like server is based on the ability to make their lives less painful at the start (without giving them an unfair advantage).

With that in mind, we’re implementing a Newbie Help program, and it consists of providing lower lvl toons with a Support Pack with help items.

Who can get those Support Packs?

Characters from a new IP
Level +8 toons only
Only 1 claim per new player. Toons, twinks, boxes are not counted.

What comes with the Support Packs?

l2day scroll of guidance 5
l2day scroll of death whisper 5
l2day scroll of focus 5
l2day scroll of haste 5
l2day scroll of agility 5
l2day scroll of might 5
l2day scroll of wind walk 5
l2day scroll of shield 5
No-Grade Soulshots 5000

l2day scroll of wind walk x5
l2day scroll of shield x5
l2day scroll of greater acumen x5
l2day scroll of empower x5
No-Grade Blessed Spiritshots 1500

All buff-scrolls have a 1 hour duration time.

How to claim the Support Packs?

Once a character hits lvl 8 the player must pm MasterToma. The Support Pack will be provided in the user’s inventory.

This procedure will have to be made manually to prevent frauds.

SIDE NOTE: The Buff Scrolls that players can buy for Vote Coins are now cheaper.

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Re: Newbie Help

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Still active!

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